This family tree is sourced from/by:     George Stewart - Pansy Allison - Marian Shawback
Ed Linder - Doug Moore - Dianne Hogue - Dayton Birdwell - Family Bible Pages - Deeds
Census Records - Social Security Records - Family Members - Newspaper Obits

Photos Courtesy of:     George Stewart - Dianne Hogue - Andrew Hogue
Beatrice Mesker - Brenda Moore

Tombstone Photos - Monroe County Kentucky - Photos Courtesy of:
George Stewart - Vickie Strode White

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Let's address some of this shit, shall we!

(Andrew) I can't tell you how much it bothers me to see pictures I posted on my fb and pictures from Mom's book ripped off and posted on your site.

(George) ...and you're given credit for them on my website. People also send me pictures to put on there. You're the ONLY person who has a problem with it. I started this website years ago for a place for all the Strode family to learn where they come from. I asked your mother if it was OK for me to use some photos from her book. She said it was OK. I placed them on there to share with the rest of the family. I get emails from people that love seeing the photos of the people that came before them. If she has a problem with them being on the family wesite, have her send me a message herself, and i'll take them off. People will love that so much.

(Andrew) It's a shame. And you don't actually give credits. Mom is the oldest living Strode family researcher with credibility. I'm really getting tired of running into researchers that throw things out there like William Strode, Jr. dates and say "George Stewart has..." and when I ask you you don't have sources. You have no credibility and we have to tell people that.

(George) It's on my damn website if you can read it!!! This family tree is sourced from/by: George Stewart - Pansy Allison - Marian Shawback - Ed Linder - Doug Moore - Dianne Hogue - Dayton Birdwell - Marcella Headrick - Family Bible Pages - Deeds - Census Records - Social Security Records - Living Family Members - Old Letters - Newspaper Obits. What the hell do you think this is???? I guess people aren't perfect like you. Are you calling all of these people liars??? Looks like a damn SOURCE LIST to me!!!

(Andrew) You took the pictures without permission. Ripped them right out of Mom's book. We own the originals for most of them and implicit in that is the copyright. Mom is the oldest living Strode family researcher with credibility. I'd like to see them taken down. And the bottom line is - the Strodes aren't even in your lineage. You have no claim to them at all the Strode family of which you are no part. I would like you to take down the pictures you got off my page and the pictures you ripped off from Mom's book, you be subject to a lawsuit. We own 85% of the primary materials related to Strode.

(George) My mother WAS a Strode, along with all of my aunts & uncles, and you have the stupidity to sit there at your computer and tell ME that they are NOT my lineage??? My family grew up with them, lived with them, talked about them, and told me they were in the family tree. Where are you famous sources that says WE"RE NOT??? I've talked with a lot with people. Digging through papers. I go to people's homes and looking through their family bibles. One person I talk to is Ed linder, who is 79 years old. He has been researching this family his entire life... how old is your mother, 62?? Are you calling him a liar?? I GUESS HIS WORK OUTTRUMPS YOUR MOTHERS just a little! NOBODY can own a family history, not you, not anybody. My research started with a handwritten book my mother gave me over 30 years ago written by Pansy Allison and several older STRODE decendants, WAY older than your mother! Probably before SHE was born! So they MAY know a little bit on the Strode Family line, you think??

(Andrew) The cemetery work at Strode, KY has been held up because people have said "George Stewart says" but George Stewart has no sources. And then Mom and I have to break the news that your information is shaky and in fact portions seems altogether fabricated. George, just look at the bigger pictures. What are you going to say to future researchers that take your work as gospel truth assuming you have some family connection or credible sources when you apparently don't have either? "Well, Dianne didn't have' this or that. George 'found' it. Well, no, George ran with it but he can't back it up. I can't be a part of it or let the good work of people like Uncle Evans who wrote the first Strode family history in his handwriting or Mom who worked tirelessly for years - Dad's last good years - and then just willy nilly gets ripped off and disrespected.

(George) I didn't hold up anything. I told your mother that the Page/Biggers cemetery should be the Strode Cemetery, my research supported that too. Now your telling people that my information is shaky & fabricated. I get my information from actual people like my mother, grandparents, their birth records, family bibles, and FROM THEIR ACTUAL MOUTHS!!! Also Genealogists like Dayton Birdwell, Doug Moore, Ed Linder, Marcella Headrick, Ted Butler, Sam Carter. So you're calling them all liars to their faces?? One more thing I want you clear on... Don't ever call my mother and my grandmother liars ever again asshole!

(Andrew) You aren't going to change your ways I know that now but just know that when I am asked, I am discrediting you. Any why is my Grandma's Hagan family picture doing on the Strode site? MAN! It never ends with you!

(George) You CAN'T own INFORMATION. So feel free to hold up in your house with your papers, I choose to actually talk to FAMILY MEMBERS. That's the information in the tree that THEY give me. They might know something about THEIR own families. I'm tired of having this damn fight with you all the time! Kiss my white ass Andrew Hogue!! My website is staying up!! If you don't like it, STAY the hell off of it!